Bobbin Lace Collecting

Bobbin lace is handmade lace created with thin lace thread wound onto bobbins and then owven into intricate patterns.  It came of age in Europe a long time ago when quality lace was the  height of fashion.


bobbin lace


Bobbin lace can sometimes be purchased on Ebay, but that requires expertise.  Almost all lace is now machine made; handmade lace is just a hobby.  The old handmade lace items sold on Ebay often bring very low prices.  I think that is because few are interested in handmade lace anymore.  I also know that unless you have done some lacemaking yourself it all looks the same.  I, for example, can’t tell the real stuff from the machine made.  My wife can, sometimes.

Bobbin lace looks out-of-favor in the search world.  Wordtracker says there are less than 100 seacrches each day.  However, Ebay shows a different story.  Active auctions range over a wide variety of categories from old lace collectibles to instructions for how to make bobbin lace now.

 This suggests that most people interested in bobbin lace are not searching the web for information; the bulk of the activity is Ebay driven.  That being the case, development of this site clearly needs to be Ebaycentric.

 I have heard good things about Ebay stores and they might work well in conjunction with this site.  Much of the nice old lace can be purchased cheaply and if bought in larger lots would make good inventory for a store.  Links from the store to this site would bring traffic and sales.