Unravel the mysteries of future by lunar cycle calendar

moon phasesFuture is not merely a grammatical tense but it has been the most mystifying avenue for human beings. Uncertainty about future has been the most intriguing thing for human minds. To be certain about the future man has been seeking the help various heavenly bodies like sun, moon and various other planetary bodies. Moon has great allure in predictive applications so lunar cycle calendars came into existence. A lunar calendar is based on lunar phases of moon. Lunar phases are result of viewing illuminated surface of moon from different geometrical positions. These phases differ due to variation is relative geometrical positions of earth, moon and sun. The time span of a lunar month is 29.53 days.

The nomenclatures of various lunar phases are new moon, Waxing crescent moon, First quarter moon, Waxing gibbous moon, Full moon, Waning gibbous moon, Last quarter moon, Waning crescent moon and Dark moon. A month of lunar calendar has time span of a 1/12th of a year on an average that comes to be around 30.44 days while duration of lunar phase is 29.53 days. Hence moon phases deviates almost one day for every consecutive month. A lunar calendar is of great help for astrologists all around the world in predicting the course of future for people with various zodiac signs.