Your Preferred Source for Sculpture Restoration

Sculpture RestorationSince its founding in 1970, Tallix has grown to be among the world's largest and most respected full-service foundries for art casting and fabricating. The intimate knowledge we have developed through the process of creating art enables us to provide expert and cost-effective restoration services as well. These include periodic cleaning, waxing, painting and re-patination; structural repair and component replacement; or complete replication.

We understand the original intent of the artist and, should the need arise, we know the best way to faithfully restore a work of art to its original condition. Tallix knows how to make art, how to retain beauty and value, and how to develop a complete sculpture Restoration Program.

Tallix has a world-wide reputation for its ability to restore large scale contemporary and traditional works including pieces fabricated or cast in bronze, aluminum, or a variety of steel alloys, including stainless and Cor-Ten. We serve museums, parks, corporations and municipalities, as well as private collectors. Moreover, we have extensive experience with restoration assignments of smaller sculpture.

We collaborate with some of the most respected conservators in the world, including those who have experience with large and/or abstract sculpture. We can recommend a qualified conservator to compile a thorough survey for any restoration task. Our services can also include the appropriate facility in which the appointed conservator can work.